About FineLine Fencing

My Dad Started a Fence business in Lake City in 1996 called Family Fence.  Growing up my dad and I would sit at the table and dream of what could be. We installed our first fence in Lake City at the McDonald’s. I was in the sixth grade.  Since then I have been doing fences.

In 2002, after I graduated, I moved to Columbus Ohio to work for my brother who also owned a fence business. After 2 years my dad’s health started to go down hill.  We found out he had 4 brain tumors along with other health problems.  After he passed away, I moved back home determined to make my dad’s dreams come alive. Unfortunately, no one wanted to give a 20 year old their own business.  So, I had to let my dad’s business go.

In 2007, I started up FineLine Fencing with my brother to use what my dad taught me and to help provide a living for my family.  In 2016, I teamed up with Lowe’s Home Improvement, and I have been busy ever since.

We came up with the name FineLine because growing up my Dad would always say there is a fine line between playing and sarcasm.  I strive everyday to make him proud of the man that I have become and continue to chase after the dreams that I heard him speak many years ago. To this day, I can still hear his voice correcting me or his laugh.  So ,when I’m at work it allows me to feel like he is still there with me.  I proudly carry on the my dad’s long term goals, and to keep the moral foundation he laid before me.

Wayne Downing, Owner